FLUX! A MASS EDMC Event Goes Down This Friday At Diva’s

For those of you who are looking for something awesome to do with all of your post-Best Coast energy, Diva’s is totally where it’s at this Friday.  In past months, MASS EDMC‘s events have resulted in a packed house, really really badass photos, and some killer feedback.  MASS EDMC, which began as a Umass-centric electronic music event production company, has recently expanded its reach beyond the Five Colleges and into the greater-Massachusetts area.  FLUX! is gonna be great, and this month’s event features sets from Cain Marko, Pointblank, and guest headliner Bastille.  Check below the cut for more information.

Photos By John Chou Photography and Hannah Cohen

Photos by John Chou Photography and Hannah Cohen

LUSH was… god damn. Check out the PHOTOS @ http://on.fb.me/bVpUqD and http://on.fb.me/cZXSCj. Grab HI-RES shots on our website @ http://bit.ly/cuFcLd.

Want more? You got it.

Think… BIG. Feel the FLUX.

BASTILLE (http://bit.ly/bdHbc5) | GUEST Headlining DJ

Having survived a horrific accident while performing a spectacular drinking trick involving fire breathing and whiskey, Bastille emerged scarred for life. Donning a ventian mask to cover his scars, he spiraled into insanity, losing all aspects of his original identity. He began to roam colleges and clubs, bringing pounding dance music and unforgettable nights to every destination. You may have seen him sharing the stage with DESIGNER DRUGS, NADASTROM, STANTON WARRIORS, and even BROTHER ALI. You bring the whiskey, he’ll bring the fire.

POINTBLANK (http://bit.ly/bmqh1B) | MASS EDMC Resident

Pointblank A.K.A. Brian Monahan is a UMass Amherst native that has been tearing up the local party scene from small underground raves to massive events such as the infamous Hobart Hoedown since he first landed. After becoming the runner up in the 2010 UMass EDMC Summer DJ competition and playing the MASS EDMC mega-event FRESH, he’ll once more find himself in the appropriate element among fellow EDM enthusiasts. With an evolving set of Tech-House peppered with a dirty Electro flair, prepare to maneuver jacking beats, deadly drops, and things that go BUMP in the night. Pointblank is going to set your mood for the night, right.

CAIN MARKO aka DJ RAIZEN (http://bit.ly/b72ZLe) | MASS EDMC Resident

Cain Marko (AKA DJ Raizen) has been taking the EDM scene by the balls from the tender age of 15. From there he has quickly climbed in the local EDM scene, playing some of the regions hottest events, including Tronic Crew’s “DeVote” as well as numerous MASS EDMC Events. Known for his addictive mashups, remixes and originals, Raizen tells that electrifying dancefloors is his favorite pass-time. His style and versatility have made this Marvel super villain a crowd favorite, and he returns to you once more, ripping up the floor with some PROGRESSIVE to rock your body and soul. Beware of this mutant, he’s a monster on the ones and twos.

• Diva’s Nightclub sports multiple fully stocked bars, a banging sound system, and a huge dance floor.

• Dress right. This is not a frat party. You are going to a well established nightclub event.

• Our house photographer will be on the prowl. Never been on the Red Carpet? You can be now! Take a picture with your date or some new friends. Want to be seen in our next promotional video? Call some attention to yourself.

DOORS OPEN at 9PM: We stress you show early. The venue ALWAYS gets packed.

18+ to party: $10
21+ to party harder: $5
18+ to party: $12
21+ to party harder: $7


State ID
Drivers License

College ID
Learner’s Permit

You must have a VALID form of ID, and you MUST be 18+. This is club policy. NO EXCEPTIONS, SORRY!

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