Happy Humpday, and the Weekend Brings All Things That Are Good

Happy Humpday, and the Weekend Brings All Things That Are Good

The week before Thanksgiving is probably one of the shittiest, most stressful weeks a college student will have to endure, apart from finals and midterms.

BUT…YOUUUUU can do it.  Just think that a) it’s almost Friday, b) you’ve already made it this far, c) this weekend is going to be absolutely incredible, and d) at least Pub Safe let us know about the scary naked man in Ainsworth (god knows that would add some stress to my week).  An academically rigorous week means that this weekend is a grea opportunity to rage (see “Tips For Dealing With Smith Stress” for my own personal definition).  It just so happens that the stars have aligned for this particular weekend, and that there are tons of baller events going down.  Leave your Four Loko at home because you probably won’t want to black out for any of this.

On Thursday, JD Samson of Le Tigre is throwing down at SYNTH, alongside Smith alum Sebastian Barr ’10.  Admission is $10 for 18+ and $7 for 21+.

On Friday, surf/pop/indie act Best Coast hits up the Campus Center Caroll Room for what might be one of the best events Smith has held all semester.  Ticket are $7, and you can buy them on the bottom floor of the CC.  Get them while you can!

Also happening Friday, is MASS EDMC’s monthly event at Diva’s nightclub.  November’s event is called FLUX!, featuring two MASS EDMC resident DJs, with guest headlinining electro house DJ, Bastille.  These events always have mile long lines and a packed house, so get there early!

Oh yeah, and HARRY FREAKING POTTER comes out at 12:00am on Friday.  Watch this and get pumped:

SATURDAY, Wiz Khalifa performs at the Mullins Center.  Tickets are between $28-$38 and you can buy them online here.  Break out the crunk juice.

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