You can take the girl out of the 90’s but you can’t take the 90’s out of a girl.


Hindsight has a frustrating way of making us realize, far too late, how embarrassing we once were.  Platform flip-flops, white short shorts, and a passion for Mary Kate and Ashley detective movies are some of the least flattering of my 90’s memories.  Luckily, the decade of my birth gives me more to love than to hate.  In fact, the time has come for me to fully embrace the fact that I Love The 90’s.

mine weren't this cool. or this gay.

It started when I found my rollerblades.  Strapping those babies on, remembering how truly painful street hockey is–these things just made me long for the past.

And then, there it was, My So Called Life on Netflix on demand.  I have now come to the realization that wearing a flower-print dress with a flannel button-down is completely appropriate as long as there are Doc Martens involved.


I think it is important for us all to take this moment to reflect on the vocal stylings that make us who were are today.  Whether you claim to love them or claim to hate them, their place in our pasts is unavoidably great.  Here’s a brief sampling:

1.  Like uploader musiclover036, Dis is my favorite video from TLC

2.  I thought Natalie Imbruglia was the coolest person ever when I heard my sister listening to this song on her boom box.
3.  Annie Lennox is just so badass, do you see her red hair?  Do you see Hugh Laurie in this?  DO YOU SEE HIS FAKE MOLES?

4.  Sometimes you aren’t a badass enough pre-teen to actually like Smells Like Teen Spirit, but still consider yourself pretty alternative listening to RHCP.

5.  You will never escape this song.  Ever.

I think it’s pretty great to realize how much the 90’s are coming back to us.  The day has come when male party attendants come to Smith College equipped with a bag of slap bracelets to distribute.  And guys, slap bracelets are really special.

The animal prints are only for the really fancy parties.


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One Comment on “You can take the girl out of the 90’s but you can’t take the 90’s out of a girl.”

  1. outsideingreen says:

    THIS MUSIC. Has become the soundtrack to my homework.

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