Conspiracy Theory Series

As many of you have noticed YouTube has been realllllyyyyy slow this week. While moaning and groaning about this at dinner, a dear friend of mine informs me that Smith is spying on us. Rumors have been circulating that Smith College is monitoring what we are watching on YouTube (think Patriot Act circa 2001).  I thought about what they might be looking for, and decided on the following options:

Part A

1. Anne Spurzem has hacked into our system and is slowing down our YouTube viewing pleasure.

2. A right wing minority attempting to watch sexy videos of Santorum

3. Bootleg versions of Mad Men. (It is a threat to institutional sovereignty and gender roles). See option 1.

Whatever purpose this surveillance serves, they will be disappointed, because this is really what we are using YouTube for: (if it ever loads)

1. The Creep 

2. YES Dance 

3. Drunk Histories: Ben Franklin

4. Slow Loris 

5. Double Rainbow 

6. You’re A Mean One, Newt Gingrich (Also See Option 1 in Part A).

CTC: Is this true? :)

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