Private Lives

Private Lives Trailer from Nancy Lautenbach on Vimeo.

Private Lives by Noel Coward. Directed by Emma Weinstein.

Noel Coward’s Private Lives is a delightful 1930’s romantic comedy complete with love affairs, martini glasses, and cutting wit. Amanda and Elyot, a British divorced couple, find themselves in adjoining honeymoon suites in Northern France with their new, and perfectly unsuitable, spouses. Realizing they are still passionately in love (maybe a little bit too passionately), the pair must decide whether to stay in their potentially loveless new marriages or run away together to Paris. An example of 1930’s comedy at its height, Private Lives is a wild and hilarious romp that asks real questions about love, frivolity and escapism.

when: April 20-21, April 26-28, 8:00 pm

where: Theatre 14 at Mendenhall Center for the Performing Arts

cost: $8 adult, $5 students and seniors, $3 Smith students – with Smith ID at box office only. Thursday, April 26 is dollar night for Smith students. (for tickets: 413.585.ARTS or

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