Smith Stories Project

A Letter from Dean Mahoney:


Dear Students, Staff and Faculty -

One of the great challenges of a diverse institution is finding ways of
ensuring that all voices are heard and taken seriously.  This has been a
consistent theme of campus protests over the years which students are
expressing again now.  In an effort to hear and document the multitude
of stories and perspectives at Smith, we are launching the Smith Stories
Project.  Inspired by a suggestion from Professor Ginetta Candelario,
the project is construed as a hybrid of NPR’s Story Corps, Latin
American/Latina Testimonio, and the Weaving Voices initiative created by
Smith students.

From noon on Tuesday, April 10 through noon on Friday, April 13,
computers and microphones will be set up at several locations on campus
where all members of the Smith community are invited to tell their own
Smith stories.  Participants may opt for a video or audio recording or
may write their story addressing the following questions:

What is YOUR Smith story?
How do you experience Smith today?
What are your hopes for Smith in the future?

In the spirit of Testimonio, the story teller will decide whether to
speak anonymously or by name.  The three formats—video, audio or
written—are intended to offer multiple vehicles for expression.

Stories will be reviewed by a team of faculty and staff before the April
16 meeting to identify, in a preliminary way, themes and ideas.  They
will be preserved (with the permission of the story-teller) in the Smith
Archives where they will continue to be a rich source of information for
the future.

Story recording sites and hours are:

Campus Center Green Room, open 7:30 a.m. to midnight
• Neilson 2/51, open from 7:30 a.m. to 1 a.m.
• Chapel Reading Room (room B13), open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

All three sites will be available until noon on Friday, April 13
(instructions will be available at each site).

I very much hope you will participate.

Maureen A. Mahoney
Dean of the  College

Smith College’s Own in the Huffington Post




Sophomore Angelica Martinez tells the GOP to go to the left, to the left. After years of being a Republican, she has saddled up her donkey and joined the Democrats.

Click Here to Read her Resignation 

Oh Hey Smith College, In the Huff Post AGAIN!!!!


In honor of Women’s History Month, the Huff Post is doing a 4 part series on women- their first article focuses on Women’s Colleges and the ballin’ betches that graduated from them! Smith made the list TWICE!!!! Hollaaa

Check it out here: Women’s History Month: The Power of All-Girls Schools 

It is Still Snowing


Oh yea, and there is still a parking ban.

Conspiracy Theory Series

As many of you have noticed YouTube has been realllllyyyyy slow this week. While moaning and groaning about this at dinner, a dear friend of mine informs me that Smith is spying on us. Rumors have been circulating that Smith College is monitoring what we are watching on YouTube (think Patriot Act circa 2001).  I thought about what they might be looking for, and decided on the following options:

Part A

1. Anne Spurzem has hacked into our system and is slowing down our YouTube viewing pleasure.

2. A right wing minority attempting to watch sexy videos of Santorum

3. Bootleg versions of Mad Men. (It is a threat to institutional sovereignty and gender roles). See option 1.

Whatever purpose this surveillance serves, they will be disappointed, because this is really what we are using YouTube for: (if it ever loads)

1. The Creep 

2. YES Dance 

3. Drunk Histories: Ben Franklin

4. Slow Loris 

5. Double Rainbow 

6. You’re A Mean One, Newt Gingrich (Also See Option 1 in Part A).

CTC: Is this true? :)

Public Enemy Number 1


Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

If anyone wasn’t convinced…Anne Spurzem is now public enemy number 1. Her letter is now featured on THE HUFFINGTON POST!!!!!!!!!  

Congrats Anne, you have successfully thwarted every plan for your future. What a shining example of the need to be careful about what you say :) The Huff Post might find you…..

Pearls and Cashmere


Hey Smithies!

Check out the new tumblr to post your pictures, thoughts, and feelings about who you are as a Smithie and your place in our community!

Pearls and Cashmere

Next Time You Have a Thought- Just Let it Go…

As a senior, I looked forward to Rally Day- enjoyed donning my senior hat, my graduation gown, and taking pictures with my friends. This idyllic day was sadly interrupted when I read a Letter to the Editor today in The Sophian. By now, if you are reading this, I am sure that you know what I am talking about. The letter wherein a Smith Alum, a Ms. Anne Spurzem ’84, proceeded to trash Smith College. I am disheartened that a member of the Smith community would take the time to put together a letter insulting the diversity and intellectual efficacy of our school without any other reason than there are not enough rich white girls on campus anymore.

Never before in my Smith career have I been so disgusted by a fellow Smithie’s comments that it has moved me to write a serious article on this blog to defend Smith College.  I am impressed, and not in a good way, that this woman has the unique ability to insult every single group of people on this campus.

Ms. Spurzem claims that “The people who are attending Smith these days are A) lesbians or B) international students who get financial aid or C) low-income women of color who are the first generation in their family to go to college and will go to any school that gives them enough money. Carol emphasizes that this is one of her goals, and so that’s why the school needs more money for scholarships or D) white heterosexual girls who can’t get into Ivy League schools.”

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Happy Rally Day!!!



So it is Rally Day…For most of you that means a day off from classes (which is nice since we clearly are not going to get any snow days this year). For SENIORS (what what) it means taking out that god forsaken graduation gown and senior hat (yay) and go find out is going to be commencement speaker this year!


If you are one of those Smithies who refuses to take a day off or a senior being prematurely forced into a graduation gown, here is a list of the lectures, etc. that will be happening around campus!

Or…if you are a ballin’ alumn who is getting a medal today, holla at them here!

There is also BRUNCH!  



Congress Decides Women Cannot Speak for Themselves

Anyone wondering about the GOP witch hunt going on in DC over birth control? During a hearing on birth control today, GOP representatives discussed the importance of women’s health. Since the GOP feels that women are not able to make decisions about their own bodies and are immensely preoccupied with what a woman does with her vagina and uterus, no women were included in this hearing.


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